The wasp’s nest of provocateurs ended up in the “sump” – “MSN”


The wasp’s nest of provocateurs ended up in the “sump”

Everyone became familiar with drunken scandalous women, who were already nicknamed “pimps”, which constantly provoked fights at opposition rallies. These are several women, very similar to bazaar tradesmen, unceremoniously grabbing the speakers by the hands and snatching their microphones, pushing and spitting in the direction of the boys and girls from “KelKel”.
It was they who, at the last rally near the monument to Urkue Saliyeva, provoked people into a fight. Hoping that they will respond with physical violence. But if they had even been touched with a finger, such a cry would have risen, and immediately the police standing in the cordon would have come running to their aid. But even without this, the meeting was brutally dispersed.
So, thanks to our readers from among the railway workers, we found their lair, refuge, nest. All these words are applicable to such a category of unprincipled people who are ready to sell everything for a penny and spit on everyone. They called us and said that at the Alamedin railway station, in the sludge park where the wagons have served their time, a kind of prison camp is being prepared for opposition supporters who will be brought from the rally right here under the protection of special forces. Hundreds of old mattresses were allegedly brought to the park, because the detainees will spend here more than one or two days. And also that it is here that young people, obviously newcomers, are armed with rebar and sticks, given bandages and sent to rallies against the opposition. All of them are either relatives or fellow countrymen of the new head of the UCZD Tuleyev.
We found this area of ​​old carriages and, entering the gate, found a peaceful picture. Some women were cooking dinner at the stake, peeling vegetables, cutting meat, men chopping wood and putting logs on the fire. Piles of old blankets hung from the open cars. When asked what kind of camp was here, we were immediately surrounded and, having learned that MSN journalists had unexpectedly come to them, they called the guards. Two overbearing men refused to speak to me, but it was evident that they were discouraged that their turnout was discovered.
Our photojournalist at first glance recognized the provocateurs in women wandering from one rally to another. Aggressive, utterly boorish and unceremonious. But now they looked like ordinary housewives. Quiet and humble. We did not find men. Apparently, having put on bandages, they were already on the square and were waiting from around the corner of the demonstrators, hiding reinforcement bars and truncheons behind their backs. But this time, these clubs went over them in full. And rightly so. And what will happen to these “pimps” from the authorities? Let their fellow countrymen judge.
Larissa Lee.
Photo by Vladimir Voronin.

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