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Urkue Salieva would be very ashamed …

Some of the greats noticed that in conditions of tyranny (namely, in such conditions the whole of Kyrgyzstan has found itself recently) it is much easier to act than to think. Apparently, that is why the participants of the peaceful action “We want to know the truth!”
The organizers of the rally – the Interbilim Center, the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society Public Foundation, the KelKel and Birge youth movement, the Association of Civil Society Support Centers – planned that at fifteen o’clock all those who cares about the further fate of our country and its future. Needless to say, no one was going to storm the White House, as some media outlets rushed to report cheerfully. (I wonder how the correspondents of these media imagined an attempt to seize our “democratic” citadel by absolutely unarmed people who had posters and balloons in their hands ?!)
However, long before the appointed time, the monument was surrounded by dense and determined ranks of militiamen armed with truncheons. Therefore, it was decided to hold a rally right at the intersection of Chui Avenue and Sovetskaya Street. “Forgive us, Urkuya, that we have not yet risen from our knees and cannot approach you now,” said the leader of “Interbilim” Asiya Sasykbaeva, and Bolotbek Maripov, the journalist of the “Public Rating” newspaper, was the first to speak. But he had little time to say: at that very moment, a whole group of angry women crept up to the protesters, who began to shrill curses and rush at the organizers, trying to snatch the microphone from Bolotbek.
The situation was heating up. Nobody wanted to enter into discussions or even more so to fight with clearly deranged representatives of the weaker sex, because everyone understood that this was an impudent and outright provocation. The youth immediately formed a tight ring in order not to let provocateurs specially sent by the authorities to the place of events. But Asiya Sasykbayeva had to speak her speech to the accompaniment of their squalling cry … No one was allowed to speak anymore – the microphone was suddenly disconnected from the power, and then the participants began to chant together “Birge!”, “Birge!”, “Birge!”, Which means “Together! ”.
And at the same time from the underpass began to run out of the militia detachments in helmets. They quickly rushed into the crowd and, with well-rehearsed movements, snatched out whoever they had to – girls, boys, women, men … The spectacle was terrible – none of the participants in the peaceful action expected that things would turn out in this way. Yes, and resistance would be useless: the security forces armed with truncheons were not going to stand on ceremony … Yesterday Azamat Kalmanov, the chairman of the board of trade unions of journalists of Kyrgyzstan, phoned the editorial office and said that he was standing on the parapet of an underpass and was sharply pushed by a man in a helmet running up. Azamat fell down and broke both legs. Now he is in the hospital.
While the zealous police were carrying out the order, another force intervened in this brutal scenario – unknown people in white caps. They were brought in during the rally, but they entered the “game” later, acting strictly according to the plan – provoking fights, pushing people, shouting swear words, tore up posters. Many of those who came to this rally received blows to the head and stomach. Our colleagues – the correspondent of Agence France-Presse Tolkun Namatbayeva, a representative of one of the Western publications, whose camera was taken by a particularly assertive provocateur, and our photojournalist, who was chased for a long time by an overly angry young man who later tried to break the camera of the photojournalist …
Those who witnessed this carnage were deeply outraged. It turns out that the authorities themselves provoke all these clashes, sow hatred between ordinary people. Obviously, it was the “White House” that prepared a special mobile group of women and men who are taken from rally to rally. And this is very dangerous, because one day it is really possible to push ordinary citizens …
… More than twenty people were brought to the Pervomaisky Department of Internal Affairs, among the detainees were Bolotbek Maripov, Edil Baisalov, guys from the KelKel and Birge movements. The Association of Civil Society Support Centers and the Interbilim Center yesterday expressed their protest against the anti-constitutional actions of the ruling regime.
Elena Skorodumova.
Photo by Vladimir Voronin.

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