Citizens are outraged by the brutal killing of stray dogs (carefully photo!)


To the editor indignant Bishkek residents turned. The townspeople were shocked by the ruthless killing of several homeless animals that happened last night.

“We are in trouble! Please help! Yesterday, at the intersection of Young Guard and Kievskaya streets, they staged a slaughter of animals. Apparently, this was done by the owners of a second-hand store. The corpses of puppies lie around,” readers wrote to us.

Caring Bishkek residents said that the puppies lived with their mother in a mink. Now it is covered with a concrete block and there may still be live puppies inside.

“Soon the store will open. Surely, all traces will be removed. They prepared a bag since the evening. Now I went there again, the dead puppies are still lying on the ground. Poor! Nobody cares about them. this is a massacre, because first animals are killed, and then it comes to people!”, – the townspeople are indignant.



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