Ministry of Internal Affairs owes businessman half a million soms for installing a fire-fighting system –


Bishkek –,

The director of a private enterprise appealed to the business ombudsman with a complaint against the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He installed a fire protection system in the amount of 511,764 soms, however, despite repeated requests to pay the debt, the government agency did not make payment under the contract. This was reported by the press service of the Institute of Business Ombudsman.

“After unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue on their own, the businessman sent a complaint asking for help in obtaining payment. After studying the materials and getting acquainted with the positions of the applicant and representatives of the state body, the business ombudsman concluded that the rights of the business representative were violated. Representatives of the business ombudsman sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to clarify the situation and received explanations, according to which the debt arose due to insufficient estimates for repair costs. A request to change the internal cost estimate was sent to the Ministry of Finance, after the approval of which the state body was ready to make a payment,” the statement says.

Soon the entrepreneur received the full amount of the debt in the amount of 511 thousand 764 soms.

It is noted that complaints related to delays in payment under public procurement contracts account for 30 percent of the applications received by the Business Ombudsman from entrepreneurs in 2022 and 12 percent since the start of the institute.

You can seek advice or file a complaint with the business ombudsman about the actions, inaction and decisions of state bodies, local governments, public sector enterprises and their officials through the website, by e-mail and by phone 0222911330.



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