Wives of rich people also need to pay benefits – Nadira Narmatova –


Bishkek – 24.kg,

Today, at an off-site meeting of the Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan parliamentary faction, MP Nadira Narmatova said that the wives of rich people should be paid childbirth benefits in the same way as the wives of the poor.

According to her, the spouses of rich and poor people give birth the same way.

“I see social injustice here, it’s wrong. Everyone’s body is the same. The birth of a child is generally a heavy burden. A rich man’s wife is not given benefits. Until the age of three, the wife of a rich person should also raise children normally. After three years, if he works, then let him work, then you can only say, let your father support you. There is a lot of discontent in the villages,” said Nadira Narmatova.

She believes that the suyunchu allowance should be increased to 50,000 soms.

“We have to pay 50,000 soms for each child. This will be a great incentive to increase the number of Kyrgyzstanis. For example, if she gives birth to two, then 50 thousand for each child, ”added the deputy.



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