MegaFon Tajikistan presents one-time Internet packages to new users of MegaFon Life

17:03, september 1

The first operator of new digital opportunities is launching a campaign for subscribers: when connecting tariffs from the popular “Turn on!” and installing the free mobile application “MegaFon Life»The user receives a gift depending on the selected tariff – 1,000 or 500 megabytes of Internet traffic for a month.

The promotion is valid from September 1, 2020.

MegaFon Life is a convenient way to manage communication services and finances, exchange messages and call other users of the application at favorable prices. The use of this application was appreciated by many subscribers of MegaFon Tajikistan, living both in big cities and in regions. The new action will allow not only to immediately load MegaFon Life with urgent tasks, but also to use more other Internet opportunities.

“By participating in the action, you can watch more videos for a whole month, including for self-education, more actively search for the things you need in online stores, and read news without restriction. And also – from the very first day to see how “MegaFon Life” is convenient for communication and independent solution of issues with communication “, – comments the commercial director of the company” MegaFon Tajikistan ” Jamshed BOBOALIEV.

One-time Internet packages, provided as a gift to new subscribers of the “Turn on!” Tariffs, are valid for 30 calendar days from the moment of connection. At the end of this period, unused traffic is automatically canceled. More information can be found on the website or in the operator’s salons.


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