Beaten to death. More than 30 people have died from domestic violence since the beginning of quarantine in Kazakhstan

Since the introduction of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 33 people have died from domestic violence. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic reported on this at an online briefing in the Central Communications Service, reports “Fergana.”

“From March 16 to August 5, 241 violations were registered. Of these, 33 ended in the death of people. During the same period last year, from March 16 to July 31, 168 violations were registered. Compared to last year, the number of offenses related to domestic violence increased by 41.1%, ”said Arman Matzhan, senior investigator for especially important cases of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to him, in the period from March 16 to May 11 (during the state of emergency), 156 violations were recorded on issues of domestic violence, and in the period from July 5 (from the date of the last strict quarantine) to August 5 – seven violations.

“In general, the pandemic has had a negative impact on society. And the issues of domestic violence are widespread, it also affected Kazakhstan. Here you need to understand the reasons. People are in a cramped, closed room for a certain time, and the conflicts and disagreements that have taken place before that begin to intertwine and gain momentum and ultimately result in a family conflict. Therefore, of course, the pandemic only had a negative impact on the situation with domestic violence, ”summed up the head of the juvenile police department and the protection of women from violence of the Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Asset Ospanov.

The speaker also spoke about how police officers were punished in a recent high-profile case, widely discussed in Kaznet.

On July 30, the specialized inter-district criminal court in the West Kazakhstan region sentenced to life imprisonment a resident of the Taskalinsky district, who burned down a house where his wife and two of his young children were burned down.

The court found that in March 2020, the man was arrested by the court for causing minor harm to the health of his wife. After that, the woman filed a lawsuit for divorce. On April 9, the ex-husband broke down the door, entered the house where his ex-wife and two daughters lived, and set it on fire.

“On this fact, an official investigation was carried out, as a result of which 8 officials were punished, the district inspector was dismissed from his post. In general, a directive was sent to all regions to strengthen responsibility and control over persons prone to committing illegal actions, ”Ospanov said.

He also added that since the beginning of the year, over 100 district police inspectors have been involved in violation of service and military discipline and inaction.

“For failure to act, disciplinary liability is provided, ranging from reprimands to reprimands and dismissals from the internal affairs bodies,” Ospanov explained.

For victims of domestic violence, according to the Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there are 41 crisis centers and 29 shelters in the country, where about 500 victims live. Now, together with the city administrations, the issue of allocating additional places from the hotel fund is being worked out.

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