How to Stagger 60 Students: Parents Against School Rules

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How social media has responded to the new distance rules in schools, short lessons and 3 shifts

On social networks, parents of schoolchildren and students are discussing the new rules of education, which were announced by the Ministry of Education. Users call them rash and believe that it will be impossible to implement them, and they will bring less benefit than harm.

We measured the commentators’ “temperature of confidence” in the new provisions.

5 August Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan published new requirements to the organization of the educational process.

From August 17, classes will be held in 3 shifts, lessons – 25 minutes each, and after each shift, classes and corridors must be disinfected. At the entrance, everyone will have their temperature measured.

Now students should wash their hands more often and wear masks, sit in the class at a distance of at least 1 meter from each other (for example, in a checkerboard pattern).

If necessary, classes will be conducted through the Maktab-Mobile platform, social networks, as well as radio and television, the guide notes.

Universities were also advised, if possible, to organize studies in shifts, and students – to maintain distance and hygiene.

Social media reaction

Users of social networks (judging by the comments, mostly parents) negatively perceived the new requirements of the ministry.

Objections concerned mainly the number of children simultaneously studying in the same class, which will not allow them sit at a distance.

Commentators recalled that there are 40 people in each class, or even more.

Rakhmatov Alisher: “What is 40? my sons have 63-65 pupils in each class. “

Other participants in the discussion drew attention to the division of shifts and suggested that classes would be divided by 15-20 people and teach in turns. However, even in this situation, the reform is seen as difficult to implement, since many schools already study in 2 shifts.

This adds a question with the number of teachers and the enormous workloadwhich they will have. Note that the ministry did not say anything about salary increments.

Doubted by parents and lesson reduction efficiency: is it possible to explain the topic, disassemble it with the children in 25 minutes? What will become of control, practical tasks?

Among the new instructions of the ministry, there is also a restriction for a teacher – do not come closer than 2 meters to students.

Marina Dzhalilova: “How will first-graders learn to write if the teacher must not approach the children? After all, the teacher teaches the technique of writing, directing and showing in the copy. “

There were fears that all the burden purchase of disinfectants will fall on the shoulders of the parents, as is often the case in Tajik schools.

In addition, users are worried about the atmosphere in the school (in the literal sense). Frequent chemical treatments can harm students. Breathe for children in maskswithout taking them off for several hours will also be difficult. All this will affect the perception of the educational material. And then, does it make sense to open schools at all in the context of such reforms?

Gylechka Syltanova: “And how can this be done in reality? Maybe it would be worthwhile to wait a little longer with the school? “

In general, opening schools will provoke more infections, users believe.

Alisher Barotov: “Our whole family was infected by a ninth-grade daughter at the end of March. At that moment, half of the class was ill with exactly the same symptoms. “

Hakimzoda Muboriz: “This is very bad, I think that the virus will spread doubly because of the schoolchildren.”

Yulia Donaeva: “To be honest, my brain exploded !!! Especially about the corridors! Who is going in which direction! ((((I beg you, we will not observe anything of this !!!!!!! And about the seating of the children … where will they find so many places in the class, where are 50 people ?? ?? AHENEY !!!

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