“We buy products on credit.” Employees of TALCO and Rogun have not received their salaries for several months

17:10, august 6

Employees of the Tajik Aluminum Company and OJSC Rogun HPP complain about non-payment of wages, the leaders of industrial giants do not answer journalists’ questions.

Employees of TALCO and Rogun turned to Asia-Plus, they said that they had not received their salaries for 3-5 months. According to them, the delay in wages began in January.

“We have not received money for five months, as well as our colleagues from other TALCO sub-structures. In January, they began to delay the payment of wages, and I have not received a salary since March. Naturally, the family ran out of small stocks and ran into debt. We are already buying food on credit, not to mention other family needs, ”an employee of TALCO Chemical said on condition of anonymity.

And according to a source of “Asia-Plus” in TALCO, basically employees of the social direction did not receive salaries.

“Mainly substructures of the social direction have not received wages – for more than four months. Also, more than three thousand employees in this area were sent on unpaid leave. The production workers, although with a delay, receive their salaries and there is a little debt, ”the source said.


At a press conference on 23 July Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population Gulru Jabborzoda did not name any major wage debtors.

However, according to her, in total, on that day, employers in Tajikistan owed more than 67.3 million somoni to employees, 20 million of which were formed in the first half of 2020.

According to the ministry, the company “Talko Chemical” owes 2 million 356.3 thousand somoni to the employees. And the debt to workers in the city of Tursunzade, where the TALCO aluminum plant is located, amounts to 943.5 thousand somoni.

The press service of TALCO Asia-Plus reported that the debt is mainly related to the coronavirus pandemic and promised to respond in detail to the official request.

We sent it on July 28, but received no response. Igor Sattarov, Director of the Department of Information and Public Relations of JSC Tajik Aluminum Company, told Asia-Plus:

“The situation has changed, we started paying workers’ wages for the previous months.”

He promised to provide detailed information early next week.


Workers of the Rogun HPP also complain about non-payment of wages, some of them have not received their wages since the beginning of the year.

“We are promised every day, but the workers did not receive their wages for 4-5 months. And the workers of some contractors and companies have not received wages even since the beginning of 2020. Our families were left completely without means of living, it is good that some of them have land plots and gardens where they harvest and somehow live. And what about those who do not have an additional source of income? ”- ask the builders.

According to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty out of 25 thousand people employed in construction, only workers of the Italian company Salini Impregilo and Russian companies receive their salaries on time.

According to the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population, the debt to workers in the city of Rogun, where the hydroelectric power station is being built, is 15 million 22.5 thousand somoni.

We were unable to get an answer to questions from the management of the Rogun HPP: the press service does not answer calls, the corporate secretary of Rogun Salohiddin Mirzozoda, having learned that they were calling from the media, hung up and did not answer any more calls.

“Many are afraid to complain”

At a press conference on July 23, Labor Minister Gulru Jabborzoda said that issues related to the timely payment of wages and the prevention of wages arrears are under the constant control of the ministry and its structures.

09:10 july 24

According to her, during this period the State Supervision Service for Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population drew up protocols on administrative violations against 38 heads of organizations and enterprises and collected fines in the amount of 49,176 somoni. Debts of over 3.5 million somoni were reimbursed.

The head of the state supervision service in the field of labor, migration and employment of the population, Dustmurod Murodzoda, noted that more than 18 thousand workers in various industries did not receive their salaries on time, of which only 131 people filed a complaint with the Supervision Service.

“Many are afraid of losing their jobs, so few people come to us,” Murodzoda said. “We are always taking steps to remedy these shortcomings.”

He urged workers to visit the service’s website and Facebook page. The head of the Supervision Service also said that the debts in the amount of more than 2 million somoni were hidden from the Statistics Agency.

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