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From Beijing to Shanghai in 3.5 hours: China develops magnetic levitation trains at 600 km / h

7 August 2020, 16:30

Avesta.Tj | 07.08.2020 | On August 6, the PRC Ministry of Transport published “Guidelines for promoting the construction of new transport infrastructure” (below “Guidelines”), special attention was drawn to information on the development and testing of high-speed magnetic levitation trains at speeds up to 600 km / h. What does a train with a speed of up to 600 km / h mean? Why would China develop an even faster train?

In the area of ​​integrated and high-performance smart infrastructure, Guidelines highlight the development of intelligent high-speed multi-unit trains, the development and testing of magnetic levitation trains at 600 km / h and high-speed passenger trains at 400 km / h.

Why would China develop high-speed magnetic levitation trains?

Currently, the highest speed that trains develop is 350 km / h, the cruising speed of aircraft is 800-900 km / h. A speed of 600 km / h can fill the gap between high-speed trains and airplanes, Renmin Ribao reports.

High Speed ​​Magnetic Levitation Project Representative, Deputy Chief Engineer of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. Ding Sansan noted in an interview with the media that according to the calculation of the actual travel time, for a distance of 1,500 km, a high-speed magnetic levitation train is the fastest means of transportation. Taking the Beijing-Shanghai route as an example, taking into account the total preparation time, it will take 4.5 hours to get from one city to another by plane, 5.5 hours by high-speed train, and only 3.5 hours using the new maglev …

According to media reports, the 600 km / h magnetic levitation train was successfully tested in June, marking an important breakthrough for China in the development of a magnetic levitation transport system. Simultaneously with the successful testing of a prototype of the new maglev, development of the other five formulations is progressing steadily. According to the plan, a prototype of a high-speed magnetic levitation train with a speed of 600 km / h will enter service at the end of 2020, thus forming an integrated technology and engineering capabilities in the field of high-speed magnetic levitation.

However, numerous Chinese experts in the field of railways noted that the current research projects for high-speed magnetic levitation trains are more related to technical reserve. Considering various factors, namely cost, carrying capacity, market and economic importance, it will take some time before high-speed magnetic levitation trains can truly become a means of public transport.


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