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Preschool chores. It’s time to waste

7 August 2020, 14:24

Avesta.Tj | 07.08.2020 | The academic year in Tajikistan this year starts earlier than usual. Children will go to school on 17 August. Most parents these days are busy getting their kids ready for school.

You need to have time to buy everything, the main thing would be what. You can spend 500 somoni per child, or you can spend all thousand, depending on the wallet.


School fairs in cities and regions of the country work for the third week. At the fair, along with domestic goods, there are goods produced by Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and China.

Nuriddin Sulaimonov, a 10th grade student from one of the schools in the Rudaki district, chooses a school suit at a fair in Tajiktextile. He chose a bone for 297 somoni. “I also need to buy shoes for about 150 somoni, a shirt – 100 somoni, a backpack – 150 somoni and pens and notebooks for about 100 somoni. I expect to sleep on 1000 somoni, ”the schoolboy says.


Dushanbe resident Bibikholisa Gayratova is also preparing her son for school. For this, her husband sent her from Russia 5.5 thousand Russian rubles, or about 770 somoni.


“I have to get my son to school. I bought a suit for 125 somoni. You also need to buy shoes, a shirt, notebooks and other school supplies. I hope this amount is enough. I have only one student, and what should those who have more of them do, ”notes Bibikholisa Gairatova.


Muazzama Fayzulloeva is to prepare four children for school. She works as a teacher and intends to spend 300 somoni for each child. “I teach at school # 29 in Shohmansur district. The price of a school uniform on the market is high, I have to look for and choose at a price that is acceptable to me. I bought a uniform for a girl who will go to the 1st grade for 85 somoni, another 35 somoni cost a blouse. I have to bargain, because I have to meet all four in the amount of 1200 somoni, ”says Muazzama Fayzulloeva.


The price of school uniforms at fairs depends on the quality of the products. A school suit, for example, for first graders costs from 125 to 300 somoni. If you search and bargain, then you can keep within 500 somoni per child.


But if parents can afford, then they can spend 1 thousand somoni and more. The choice at fairs is relatively large, it all depends on the means at our disposal, and as the proverb says, unfortunately our desires may not always coincide with our capabilities.


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