Deputy Prime Minister Shirin Ismatullozoda paid a working visit to cities and districts of the country to get acquainted with the state of healthcare.

MONDAY, 08.08.2020. / NIAT “Khovar” /. Based on August 7 this year instructions of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon and relevant resolutions Republican headquarters for strengthening anti-epidemic measures to prevent the transmission and emergence of new coronavirus infections COVID-2019, Deputy Prime Minister Shirin Ismatullozoda for the purpose of acquaintance and control over health and social protection, as well as analysis actual condition Prevention and treatment of patients with new coronavirus infections and explanatory work on this basis. cities and districts of the republic for the next working trip came out.

According to the NIAT “Khovar”, the working trip began from the Kulob area of ​​Khatlon region, during which the issues of control, study and elimination of existing problems and shortcomings, as well as consideration of a number of issues according to the plan were raised. In particular, during the visit, issues related to the effective operation of hospitals, primary health care facilities (district / city health center, rural health center, health center) with sufficient staff capacity in the prescribed manner to organize night shifts of specialists, statistical reporting, accuracy and reliability they; on the process of treatment of patients in the infectious and rescue and outpatient departments, the supply of medicines (stocks of medicines); Checking compliance with the requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological system in the institution (availability of a separate entrance for patients with high temperature, chlorine regimen, the presence of an insulator, disinfectant solution, the external condition of the institution, hygiene schedule, etc.); provision of a set of individual protective materials, signs, related banners; The level of knowledge of employees and their retraining on the algorithm of examination, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus, etc. will be considered.

We will recall that working groups consisting of relevant health workers will be set up in five regions of the country on August 6, 2020 to study and address shortcomings in this area in a timely manner. Their work is provided by the Deputy Prime Minister.

The working visit will continue in August of this year in other regions of the country.

PHOTO: PDPT in Kulob city


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