Mirziyoev’s son-in-law distributes a Chinese drug unregistered in Uzbekistan to patients with coronavirus

Representatives of the Pharmacological Committee of Uzbekistan told Ozodlik that the drug Lianhua brought from China to Uzbekistan, which they are trying to present as an effective medicine in the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19, is not included in the state register. On July 26, local newspapers in Uzbekistan reported that an effective anti-coronavirus drug called Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang was brought from China, a large batch of which was transferred on behalf of the younger son-in-law of President Otabek Umarov to a multidisciplinary hospital in Zangiata district of Tashkent region. After such advertising messages, many videos promoting this drug appeared in the Uzbek segment of social networks.

Black market “miracle drug” advertisement

In a video posted on the Stop coronavirus Telegram group, an unidentified man opens the boxes containing Lianhua sachets and says:

“The medicine looks like this. For one patient, in my opinion, two boxes are enough for the course of treatment. There are fifteen hundred boxes here, next week you will arrive another 2-3 thousand boxes. “

In the second video, a man driving a car says that patients who test positive for COVID-19 will be given two bags of Lianhua for free.

“Thank God, there are generous people with a big heart who help in difficult times. Of course, we cannot help everyone, but how we can. Who needs these Chinese medicines that are effective against coronavirus, please contact us, we will bring it. And who needs money for food, and in general the food itself, we will also help. You can repost. Only those who want to receive this medicine for free must provide a test confirming that they are really sick, ”the man says in the video.

After watching these two videos, the Ozodlik journalist called one of the numbers indicated in the video promoting the drug Lianhua. The man who answered the phone call of our journalist refused to introduce himself, saying only that this drug was brought from China to Uzbekistan with the help of “high-ranking officials with good support.”

– They say: “Eat grapes, but where are they from – do not ask.” Generous high-ranking brothers are helping to bring this drug from China to our country. There are 24 tablets in one sachet. The medicine is made on the basis of traditional medicine. People with a mild form of coronavirus recover after taking two packs of this drug. The drug helps with compression of the lungs. If a person shows us a test with a positive result for coronavirus, then we will give him two packs of this drug for free, ” the seller said.

“Sponsor” of a popular drug – the president’s son-in-law

In a conversation with an Ozodlik journalist, one of the local bloggers who studied the sale of Lianhua in the black markets of Tashkent said that a pack of this drug is sold to residents of the capital for $ 40, while in China itself a pack of Lianhua can be bought for $ 2.

– At first they say that the drug is given out free of charge, and then they cling to customers. When we began to study this drug, we found out that it is used for colds. In China, one pack of this drug costs $ 2. And here they sell it for $ 6, and in some places even for $ 40 per pack. They say that the people behind this case are the people of the younger son-in-law of the President of Uzbekistan, Otabek Umarov, who are helping to bring this drug from China, says the Tashkent blogger.

On July 26, the website Effect.uz reported that the Uzbek MMA fighter Murod Kanturaev had brought a batch of Lianhua to a multidisciplinary hospital in Zangiata district of Tashkent region.

The video posted on the website Effect.uz shows how Kanturaev, who donned a T-shirt with the initials of the head of the Association of Mixed Martial Arts of Uzbekistan Otabek Umarov (OU), handing the medicines to the hospital representatives, emphasizes: “All these drugs were given to you by Otabek aka Umarov.”

Lianhua, a drug used to treat mild colds and coughs, was manufactured in 2002 by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Yiling Pharmaceutical. It was recommended to patients during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

It is known that in China during the COVID-19 pandemic, this drug was also recommended for patients who have a mild coronavirus.

Препарат Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang.

Препарат Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang.

The drug given to patients with COVID-19 is not registered in Uzbekistan

On August 5, in a telephone conversation with a journalist from Ozodlik, an employee of the drug certification department of the Pharmacological Committee of Uzbekistan, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the Chinese drug Lianhua was not registered in the country and had not passed proper clinical trials. He recalled that the distribution, sale and use of such drugs is prohibited in Uzbekistan.

– It is possible that this drug is effective in the treatment of coronavirus, but we have not registered it. The description and instructions for use of this drug are written in Chinese. Although everything should be translated into Uzbek. Then the Pharmacological Committee must send this drug for examination, after which it must be certified. Only after observing these procedures can the drug be distributed to pharmacies and approved for use, ”a representative of the Pharmacological Committee of Uzbekistan told our radio.

Shortly after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization warned of the danger of counterfeit and dangerous drugs spreading in developing countries.

“At best, counterfeit drugs are unlikely to cure the disease they are intended to treat. In the worst case, they will be harmful because they may contain something toxic, ”the WHO said in a statement.



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