Bairamali oil mill sends hundreds of tons of oil to Red Crescent Society free of charge

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Bairamali oil mill located in Mary velayat sends large batches of cotton seed oil to Ashgabat despite the fact that the region itself is experiencing a shortage of oil.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” found out that 360 tons of cotton seed oil is supplied to Red Crescent Society on an annual basis.

In the past three years, pursuant to the verbal instruction of the khyakim of Mary velayat, the executives of the oil mill have been sending at least three 60-ton cisterns of oil from Bairamali to the Ashgabat-based Red Crescent Society every six months.

Besides, “Ak pamyk” oil bottled in plastic bottles is occasionally supplied to the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations.

According to an informed source from the mill, the Ministry pays for oil supplies, albeit with some delays, but the plant receives no payment from Red Crescent Society.

It has been previously reported that the Turkmen office of Red Crescent Society is headed by the President’s elder sister Gulnabat Dovletova.

– Our administration explains this move as charity support rendered to an NGO, – the source said.

The oil mill is designed to process up to 680 tons of industrial cotton seeds a day to produce oil or soap. However, no more than 30 tons of raw materials arrive from the cotton gin plant on a daily basis.


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