Official Tashkent responded to the request of Uzbek students to take them out of China

Uzbekistan organized an additional charter flight for August 14 for the export of compatriots, who study or work in China. According to Uzbek embassy in Beijing, compiled a list of citizens who have expressed to return to their homeland, and c charter flight will be admitted only to those whothen was added to this list. Embassy officials said that for this moment to the list included 282 citizens, all willing to return home can also contact the embassy. Week ago, a group of Uzbek students studying in China approached the government of Uzbekistan through website “Freedomand»Asking for help them come back home. Most of them for seven months are in quarantine and are complaining financial difficulties.

A week after Uzbek students studying in China contacted the Uzbek government through the website of Radio Ozodlik, it became known that an additional charter flight had been organized to return them home.

According to the Uzbek Embassy in Beijing, as a result of negotiations with the Chinese side, an agreement was reached on the implementation of a charter flight on August 14 in the direction of Tashkent – Tianjin – Tashkent.

Объявление посольства Узбекистана об организации чартерного рейса для своих граждан в КНР.

Announcement of the Embassy of Uzbekistan on the organization of a charter flight for its citizens in the PRC.

Meanwhile, the embassy recalled that on August 14, only those who were included in the list of citizens who expressed a desire to return home will be allowed on the charter flight.

Representatives of the embassy told Ozodlik that 282 citizens are currently on the list. According to them, the diplomatic mission continues to receive applications from those wishing to return home.

Uzbek students in China who reached out to the Uzbek government through the Radio Ozodlik website are also included in the list.

“We were very happy when we heard that the government had organized a charter flight. Finally, we will get out of the difficulties and return to our relatives. On behalf of all Uzbek youth in China, we thank the representatives of the embassy for the overwhelming help, the consul Bobur Yakhoyev for good advice and the editorial board of Ozodlik for covering our appeal, “said one of the Uzbek students studying at a university in China.

Embassy representatives contacted by the Ozodlik journalist asked Uzbeks who were not on the list of the embassy and did not have tickets for a charter flight on August 14, not to come to Tianjin.

Uzbek diplomats warned all students that, in accordance with Chinese rules, students who left university dorms, but did not get on a charter flight, would not be re-admitted to university dorms.

“We ask our citizens who have tickets for a charter flight on August 14 to notify their employers or the administration of an educational institution in China before arriving in Tianjin about the departure,” said one of the employees of the Uzbek Embassy in China.

Recall that on July 30, a group of Uzbek students studying in China officially turned to the authorities of their country with a request to help them return to their homeland. In their address, the students said they were experiencing financial difficulties after being quarantined for seven months.

According to the Uzbek embassy in the PRC, the last charter flight for the export of Uzbeks from this country was organized in February this year.

Currently, negotiations are underway to open regular flights between the two countries.



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