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He completed the writing of a new book on the good traditions of our people over the centuries and the national principles created by the Turkmen people. Our national leader dedicates his time to active and useful recreation, as well as literary creativity.
“Türkmenistan – Bitaraplygyň mekany” şygary astynda geçýän ýylda täze eseri döretmek halkymyzyň asylly däpleriniň dowamatlylygyny alamatlandyryp, dünýä gymmatlyklaryna uly goşant goşan paýhasly pederlerimatýny ň.
Türkmenistanyň Hormatly it ýaşulusy Arkadag Prezidentimiz Taze Dunya kitabynda halkymyzyň nusgalyk asylly ýörelgeleri barada özüniň parasatly Oy-pikirlerini Beyan etmek bilen, halkymyzyň ýagşy dessurlaryna, olaryň Watanyň abadançylygyny üpjün etmekde, häzirki nesilleri terbiýelemekde eýeleýän ornuna möhüm ähmiýet berýär.
In the work, it is essential to learn about the national heritage, to keep it open, to wagy from the day, as well as to pass it on to generations. In this period, in this period, many years of work are spent for the purpose of working at the head of the country.
The traditions of our people, the national values ​​they have created, the world-class professions are being scientifically studied and their importance is being revealed. This is especially important in the upbringing of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and in the continuation of the good traditions that have developed over the centuries.
In Döwlet Baştutanymyz Täze, taryhy fountains, collected maglumatlary ylmy are essentially öwren and rejeläp, has also been expanded, and are jemläp in the book. Munuň essence Arkadag Our President is divided into four national gymmatlyklar, asylly, the hormone goýyandygynyň nobatdaky subutnamasy.
The new book consists of twelve chapters, which cover a wide range of concepts such as the beauty of life, the well-being of the earth, the directions of eternal life, the importance of science and education, healthy living principles, hard work, hospitality, hospitality, friendship and brotherhood, honesty and solidarity.
The book also focuses on issues related to the need to be prudent and the success of your work. The work says that the legends created by our people embody the wisdom of many centuries of life as a testament to our glorious ancestors.
In his work, the President emphasizes that it is the responsibility of each and every one of us and our people to preserve and share the experience of the past for the future. This is because the peculiarities of creating the spiritual principles of each historical period are evident in this.
Congratulations to our National Leader in his book. On the other hand, it is plentiful to see the public gyms, mainly nusgalar, in each of the people’s civilizations, in every people’s civilization.
As the Head of State noted, the lofty goals that our wise forefathers have created and bequeathed to us throughout history are exemplary for today and future generations, and they need to be reflected in art as they are in life. This is especially important in the thoughtful use of the rich experience and opportunities created during the five thousand years of history of our people. The new book of our National Leader also pays special attention to this area.
The new work of our esteemed President speaks about the fact that our national heritage is connected with the life experience of all mankind. The fact that the Turkmen leader attaches great importance to issues such as perfect living, hard work and pedigree, and his appreciation of the Turkmen people’s hospitality ceremonies is a clear evidence of the multifaceted nature of this heritage.
The wise sayings, legends, parables and proverbs created by our people are important tools for the implementation of one or another noble principle in society. The effective use of these makes the work even richer. The effective use and improvement of such methods increases the value and importance of the literary works of the President.
In the year marking the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Neutrality, the role of our independent country in international cooperation has been further strengthened. This testifies to the fact that important decisions are taken by our national leader based on the centuries-old traditions of our people.
As the President noted in his newly created book, “The state policy of Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan is aimed at implementing the tasks for ensuring a peaceful future for mankind. In 2020, the 25th anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of our Independent Motherland will be celebrated with great celebrations. It is a celebration of the teachings of peace-loving friendship that has been going on since the time of Oguz Khan.
The following charts were produced in four national gyms in the period of the halkyma year, so that they did not open the public body and the genji-treasury.
In conclusion, the President summed up the centuries-old good traditions of our people and the wise ideas of the Turkmen people about the national principles created by the Turkmen people and called the new work “the principle of Turkmen statehood”. The Head of State completed the writing of the new book and published it. This will be a wonderful creative gift to our happy people on the occasion of the glorious celebration of our sacred Independence, which plays an important role in the life of our society this year under the slogan “Turkmenistan – the Land of Neutrality”.


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