An annual exhibition opened at the Tashkent House of Photography

On January 14, in the Tashkent House of Photography, an exhibition of members of the “Section of Photo Artists” of the Creative Association of Uzbekistan Artists and Photo Amateurs was opened.

The purpose of the exposition, which was presented by both masters of art photography, and their students and other amateur photographers, is to show how this type of photography is developing in our country, to create an opportunity for exchange of experience, discussions among artists of different generations.

After careful selection, the exhibition features over 200 photographs. The compositions are divided by genre: landscapes, portraits, travel photos, black and white, etc.

The main part of the exhibition is the work of the members of the photo section of the Creative Association of Artists of Uzbekistan: V. Zhirnov, R. Sharipov, V. Sokolov, V. Goncharenko, V. Shlosberg, G. Avanesyan and others.

The works of professional photographers reflect the nuances of nature and the environment, national traditions.

Most of the visitors lingered at the horror-style photographs of Yuri Kim. He took the plot from the horror film “IT” based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King as a basis for his pictures. Also, many people liked the photos of Marat Najibaev about Karakalpakstan. For example, he showed the only surviving workshop for the creation of yurts in the republic, the entire technological process.

Many authors presented a wide variety of landscapes – here is our shepherd on a dusty road with his flock, and an almost moonlit panorama from Kara-Kum, and a mesmerizing composition on a mountain theme from Georgia.

As a result of the exhibition, its participants were awarded certificates of the House of Photography, attesting to the high skill of each of them.

The exhibition will last until January 21, 2020

The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 17:00.


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