Attempts are being made in Uzbekistan to hack bloggers’ accounts. Komil Allamjanov called it a threat to freedom of speech

Komil Allamjanov, head of the National Media Support and Development Foundation, has accused Uzbekistan of trying to hack into bloggers’ Telegram accounts.

According to him, present movementscan be considered a direct threat to freedom of speech.

“Several bloggers wrote yesterday about attempts to hack their Telegram accounts. It is not clear who did it or why, but it could be seen as a direct threat to the media and bloggers, to freedom of speech. ” writes Allamzhonov Telegram`dagi kanalida.

The head of the Mass Media Foundation stressed that this attempt to “silence” the media and bloggers will not achieve any results, and in today’s age of technology it is impossible to artificially capture information.

“The best way is to address the situation by addressing the shortcomings and problems raised by the media and bloggers, who are a mirror of society,” he said. At the same time, we need to get used to accepting journalists and bloggers as friends without knowing them as enemies. “Friends’ Telegram accounts will not be hacked,” said Komil Allamjanov.

He added a video that elaborated on his views.

“Why do you think the media should be silenced or controlled? Because they raise issues between people. Instead of solving the problem, we try to silence those who raised it. But is there a problem?

[…] It is often said that “problems are exaggerated and good information is rarely given.” One thing must be taken into account: the task of the press is mainly to raise issues, to take care of the people. As such, they are not always able to provide good or praiseworthy material.

True, it is important for journalists and bloggers to be impartial and ethical. There may be drawbacks to this, but it is better to do so than to try to lower their voices. Because there are problems with the decline of their voices, the news about these problems comes out one way or another, anonymously. Telegram now has thousands of different channels. As long as there is a telephone, it is impossible to hide information from citizens, ”said Allamjanov.

It emphasizes the futility of blocking a social network, the fact that users can start using the network via VPN, and as a result, thousands of banned sites (terrorists, extremists, pornographers, etc.) can be blocked by users who have installed VPNs.

According to Komil Allamjanov, the state should learn to work properly with the media, social networks and bloggers.

“Our laws are still very good, and they need to work,” he said. In practice, it is necessary to achieve strict adherence to the ethics of journalism. The most important thing is that if we are open and pay attention to the problem raised by journalists, the problem will be solved very simply.

Of course, the work of journalists and bloggers is flawed. Emotions, one-sided approach to the issue or giving false information … But all these are issues that can be solved if they are worked out, ”said the official.

It should be noted that for more than a month in Uzbekistan, there have been significant problems with access to the social network Facebook. So far, no official statement has been issued by the authorities.

According to the report, in recent weeks, the number of attacks on servers hosting the site Kun.uz has increased.



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