Park and Museum of Victory in Tashkent

In the capital, the construction of a theme park and a museum for the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism has finally been completed. Our correspondent visited the park and prepared a report for you.

In the Almazar district of Tashkent, the Victory Park is being prepared for the opening. The central alley of the park leads to the monument to Major General Sobir Rakhimov, which was returned to its historical site in 2018 on the eve of the Day of Remembrance and Honor.

The park is decorated in the style of the war years: compositions with trenches, dugouts and field kitchens, a railway station, libraries.

An open-air exhibition of military equipment and weapons was launched. Shown here is a real T-34 tank that took part in battles and survived in Uzbekistan.

A museum has also been erected in the park.

The exhibits presented here reflect the enormous contribution of the people of Uzbekistan to the victory in World War II, as well as valor, courage, devotion, humanism and love for the children of compatriots shown on the battlefields and in the rear.

People brought relics for the museum from all over the republic.

On the territory of the complex, a memorial was also created in memory of a resident of Uzbekistan Zulfiya Zokirova, who lost her five sons in the war.

Every visitor to the park will undoubtedly be imbued with the whole atmosphere of the war years and historical events.


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