Rovshen Turkmen enterprise produces over 500 pairs of shoes a day | Society

FE “Rovshen” – the first shoe production opened in Turkmenistan. And if in the first year since the opening of the shoe factory, nine thousand pairs were sold, today only every day more than five hundred pairs of shoes are produced in its shops, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.

In assortment – 300 models of men’s shoes, as well as women’s and children’s.

In all major cities of the country, the company has its own brand stores “Rovshen Ayakgap”.

The products of FE “Rovshen” are in demand not only in Turkmenistan, but also abroad. Russia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan are the countries to which Turkmen footwear is exported.

The footwear at the enterprise is made in accordance with fashionable world trends from genuine leather, which is produced in its own leather processing factory.

The pads and equipment for the enterprise were purchased from Italian manufacturers, whose specialists constantly consult along the entire production chain and train local craftsmen.

A prerequisite is quality control, after which the shoes are sent to company stores.


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