Tanzila Narbaeva: Uzbekistan provides legal protection to its citizens, wherever they are

At the sixth plenary session of the upper house of parliament, the senators approved the Law on Combating Human Trafficking.

Senate Chairperson Tanzila Narbaeva drew attention to the important properties of the Law, which comes into force six months after the date of its official publication.

“The Law contains a number of reference norms, the development of which is entrusted to the Cabinet of Ministers,” she said. – In particular, this concerns the procedures for identifying victims of trafficking in persons, providing assistance and protection to alleged victims of trafficking in persons, and referring victims of trafficking in persons. We gave instructions to the Cabinet of Ministers – to adopt as soon as possible the prescribed documents with the involvement of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other responsible bodies in order to ensure the full operation of the Law. We must take this issue seriously, because we have problems in this direction. For example, the relevant provisions reflecting the working mechanism of the protection order established in the Law on Protection of Women from Oppression and Violence, which entered into force in September last year, were adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers after four months, that is, in January 2020.

In turn, after the adoption of the Law, serious attention should be paid to its propaganda. Let our people know that Uzbekistan provides legal protection to its citizens, wherever they are. There is no doubt about that.

The guaranteed protection of citizens who have become victims of human trafficking not only helps to increase the prestige of our state in the international arena, but also creates a sense of trust in each of our compatriots living abroad – “my Motherland is behind me”.


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