First snow in Tashkent – photo report

The first snow fell in Tashkent and other cities. The ANONS.uz correspondent has prepared for you a photo report from this significant day.

Friends, we congratulate you on the first snow! Since in recent years snow is not a frequent visitor in our area, our photographer decided not to miss the opportunity to capture this beauty.

By the way, on weekends, November 23 and 24, cloudy weather will still remain in Uzbekistan. In most of the territory, except for the northern regions, precipitation will occur from time to time, mainly in the form of snow. The air temperature will not change significantly.

“As a rule, winters in Uzbekistan are short and with little snow. Their characteristic feature is sharp fluctuations in temperature, when cold waves and heat waves replace each other throughout the winter. Snow falling at a low temperature background quickly melts with an increase in temperature. Therefore, as a rule, we do not observe stable snow cover.“, – said forecasters.

We also remind you that the longest period of very cold weather in recent years was observed in the winter of 2007-2008. It lasted from late December to mid-February.


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