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Bags Bannie, one of the world’s most famous cartoon characters, recently turned 80. The Garagol Rabbit first appeared in the 1940 film Wild Hare, one of the short animations of the Looney Tunes series produced by Warner Brothers. In fact, Warner Brothers starred in the 1938 film The Happy Rabbit. This rabbit, which does not play the lead role, is loved by the audience. That is why in 1940, the rabbit was pulled back and renamed “Bags Bunny.” There is also a good reason why the rabbit is so named. Ben Hardaway, the artist who created the new character, had the nickname “Bags” among his colleagues. That’s why the rabbit is called “Bags Bannie.” Since there are no televisions yet, Bags Bunny is also initially shown in cinemas. Since its first screening, Bags has “animated” more than 175 other short films since its inception. The cartoon has appeared in numerous satires, jokes and TV series over the years with the advent of television. Bags liked Bunny’s carrots and asked, “What happened?” is known for asking. The rabbit says this after fleeing from the hunter or another enemy and deceiving him. At first, the actor is voiced by an actor named Mel Blank. The skilled actor ate carrots to make the rabbit’s voice more convincing when he cast his vote. In fact, Blanc didn’t like carrots. In 1948, Bags Banney was slightly modified and incorporated into its current form.
Sometimes the character of one cartoon is “guest” in another cartoon. But this only applies to animated films created by the same company. However, in one of the animated films, Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse appears in the Bags Bunny cartoon. Because in those days, the audience loved these two characters very much.


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