It is the world’s largest passenger plane


The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest double-decker airliner. The length of the 853-seat plane is 73 meters, the wingspan is 79 meters, the height is 24 meters, and its height is equal to a 9-story building. The plane weighs 276 tons and has an area of ​​550 square meters. Each Airbus A380 aircraft consists of 6.5 million parts. Aircraft parts are produced in cooperation with 1.5 thousand companies in 30 countries of the world. The plane has 4 engines and its speed reaches 900 kilometers per hour.

The company announced in 1988 that it wanted to build this aircraft. The aircraft was designed to compete with the US Boeing 747. Production of the aircraft began in 2000. The first Airbus A380 was introduced on January 18, 2005, but the first flight took place on April 27 of that year. The Airbus A380 aircraft was certified by the relevant authorities of the United States and the European Union in 2006.

Rovshen Akmuhammedov is a military serviceman of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan



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