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Friday, 30 September, 2022

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Son’s goal saved South Korea from defeat against Costa Rica

Taking advantage of the break caused by the FIFA days, the national teams are taking part in friendly matches.

In particular, Costa Rica, the future opponent of Uzbekistan, tried their hand against South Korea today. First, Hwang Hee Chan’s goal was answered by the Americans thanks to Jevinson Bennette’s double. Son, who scored in the 85th minute, eventually brought the Koreans to a draw.

For information, Costa Rica will play against the White Wolves led by Srechko Catanes on September 27.

South Korea – Costa Rica 2:2 (1:1, 1:1)
: 1:0 – 28 Hwang Hee Chan, 1:1 – 41 Bennette, 1:2 – 63 Bennette, 2:2 – 85 Son Hin Min.

South Korea – Kim Sin Gyu, Yoon Jung Gyu, Kim Yen Gwon (Kwon Geun Won, 77), Kim Min Jae, Kim Jin Soo (Hon Cheol, 66), Kwon Chang Hoon (Na San Ho, 72), Hwang In Bum, Jeon Woo Yen (Song Joon Ho, 66), Hwang Hee Han, Son Hin Min, Hwang Yi Jo (Jeong U Yen, 77).

Costa Rica – Alvarado, Martines (Fuller, 78), Duarte, Calvo, Ovedo, Torres (Samora, 46), Borxes, Chakon (Vilson, 46), Kempbell (Sekeyra, 83), Kontreras (Venegas, 65), Bennette (Hernandez Gonzalez). , 65).

Warnings: Kwon Jung-hoon (21), Bennette (47), Jung Woo-yen (51), Yoon Jeong-gyu (60), Ovedo (90).
Exclusion: Alvarado (80).


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