What will change in Uzbekistan from January 1?


What will change in Uzbekistan from January 1?

Part 1. Reducing documents and powers

  1. Responsibility for compliance with public procurement legislation to the governing bodies loaded. Assignments and import contracts for public procurement in the “Center for Complex Examination of Projects and Import Contracts” examination will not be held.
  2. On farms with 100 head of livestock and 100 thousand poultryveterinary medicine va state zootechnicianis introduced.

Cows on cattle farms and under the population are artificially inseminated with pedigree bulls according to the selection scheme.

District governors plan to plant food crops next year With the regional departments of the Uzbekchorvanasl agency agree.

  1. Information on rights to real estate in all regions of the Republic Registeronly in electronic formAfter the preparation of the cadastral passport, the notary is issued an electronic copy and the property is registered with the Registrar. kўchirma beryllium.
  2. The following is an e-mail to the cadastral authorities:

from the banks Certificate of acceptance of the house and other necessary documents for the state registration of property rights and mortgages to the house;

– Information necessary for the state registration of rights arising from the sale of real estate by the State Assets Management Agency and real estate agencies at the “E-IJRO AUCTION” and the provision of real estate services.

  1. Mulberry treesfines for illegal cutting, damage or destruction 50 percent new mulberry saplings will be planted in the area where the offense was committed.
  2. For the production of rolled ferrous metalsThe relevant customs privileges do not apply to induction furnaces and chambers used.
  3. Controlling the weight and volume parameters of heavy and large vehicles, collecting and permitting their movement on highwaysYўllari қўmitashi (Қўmita) tomonidan’s caramalga oshiriladi.

Technical means of traffic regulation and their construction, including photo and video recording equipment, shall be installed in agreement with the Committee.

Design and implementation of new utilities along longitudinal sections of roads is prohibited, except for their daily intersection with highways.

  1. Yellarini’s carContracts for design, construction, reconstruction and overhaul, as well as technical supervision of road construction are carried out only in accordance with the law on public procurement (tender).

Road construction consulting services (technical control) by independent organizations can be implemented.

Testing the functions of the customer for the construction and repair of the streets of Tashkent Tashkent city administration amalgam.

  1. Effective January 1, 2020, for the right to operate in the field of sale of brands of petroleum bitumen for roadslicense required will not be done.
  2. Separate functions and powers of the authorities of the relevant public administration bodiesto territorial subdivisionskaztkaziladi.

A number of authorities functions and powers are excluded.

Total number of government agencies and organizations 28 species Requiring documents from citizens, and their issuance by citizens’ self-government bodies is not allowed.

Compiled by documents of the President and the Government (this list is given in the resolution) interdepartmental collegiate bodies tugatiladi.

  1. Some business communities and strategically important enterprises use public procurement prior to procurement.on a special news portalannouncement places.
  2. 10 higher education institutions on a trial basisto the system of self-financingthen.
  3. Losses for the population as a result of reduced tariffs for heat energy and hot water at the expense of the republican budget of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, local budgets of the regions and the city of Tashkentcovered.

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