“Oltin fund” ning oddy yigiti – Rustam Turakhonov


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Lead job support specialist is, frankly, a very humbling position. But even then, you can show yourself in such a way that colleagues will thank you and the company will present a special award. Such an event happened when Rustam Torakhonov received a gold badge in honor of the 15th anniversary of Beeline Uzbekistan. It was a surprise for him – but not for his colleagues, whom Rustam helped during the most difficult period of the transition to remote work.

Being welcomed as a friend

Beeline first appeared in Rustam Torakhonov’s life in 2011 – at that time he worked at Buzton LLC, a subsidiary of the operator. Before that, Rustam was engaged in technical support of the network infrastructure at the Republican Medical College. The work is mostly clear, but voluminous. And most importantly, the work had to be done alone. There was no professional communication circle, which is so important for an IT specialist to keep himself “in tune”. Therefore, Rustam willingly accepted the new offer to change the company. In 2018, it was transferred to Beeline Uzbekistan itself.

“I passed the interview, got to know the guys. They welcomed me as if I had been a friend for a long time,” Rustam recalls. “We provided services to subscribers who connected to the Internet. And we only helped the company’s employees during their free time.”

Working “remotely”.

Everything changed in the spring of 2020, when the first wave of the pandemic began. Antivirus measures and the mass transition to remote work created many difficulties: not everyone had a personal computer, and requests for computer repair did not decrease as colleagues worked at home.

Rustam himself, who had a lot of work to do at work, could not sit at home. At the same time, he began to help other employees of the company: he and his colleagues prepared lists of computers and personnel in order to supply equipment for work, overloaded servers, gave advice on installing programs and repaired technical equipment. But at that time, due to traffic restrictions on the roads, there was no guarantee that it would be possible to reach the office at all every day! A few very difficult weeks have passed in “Special mode”. But dozens of Beeline employees were provided with full remote work. The company passed the emergency test.

Three days for all

It is interesting that Rustam Torakhonov considers helping the 47th school in Samarkand to be his brightest project, not to transfer his colleagues to remote work.

“At that time, Beeline invested nearly 1 billion soums in equipping and modernizing this educational institution. Lessons in computer science, mathematics, English, e-sports and robotics are computerized. But when we arrived at the school, we found out that we need to connect the network in two classrooms, install interactive whiteboards in the others, connect routers so that all devices can connect to the Internet easily. In addition, the school staff had to be trained in how to use them, and all in three days! – says Rustam Torakhanov. – During installation and adjustment, students came to us and asked what will happen here. And when we connected everything, the children sat at the computers and thanked us. That’s great to hear! I remember the teachers’ eyes, their joy, I can’t forget it. It’s very valuable.”

Life without stress

“I am happy to work in this company, in this team. Doing what you like, doing your job well, I think, is success, – says Rustam. The symbol of this success and public recognition was a gold badge, which was awarded to only seven employees of Beeline Uzbekistan. Rustam was even more surprised to hear his name at the award ceremony. He even thought that he was called by mistake and only believed in the reality of what was happening when he saw his last name on the big screen. Giving their votes to Rustam, colleagues appreciated his promptness, professionalism and hard work.

“My story proves that even an ordinary guy can earn an honorary award. For this, it is not necessary to occupy a leadership position, to have acquaintances “above”, it is enough to show the results of your work,” believes Rustam Torakhanov.

However, if a person is truly passionate about his work, a significant result can appear. Rustam is the same: he likes the lack of uniformity, the emergence of new interesting tasks. “My job is not easy, but it’s not boring!” – smiles the “golden” employee of Beeline. He does not want to be bored even at home. He likes to travel to nature and mountains with his wife and two children. He enjoys swimming, woodburning, sculpting, painting, plays his own musical instruments, and entertains at big rock concerts. And, of course, he eagerly explores new gadgets and technologies. It is this energy and versatility that make Rustam a real “Beeline man” who can do a lot even in a small position. And most importantly, he wants to do it.



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