When will a house be given to a woman from Jizzakh who lives in a ruin with her children? It’s been a year since the initial bush was paid

Bakhtigul Khamroeva from the Dustlik district of Jizzakh region wrote that she and her family were living in difficult conditions and could not afford the cheap housing being built by the state. We visited Dostlik district to investigate the situation.

Obviously, if Bakhtigul-opa doesn’t find you, you won’t be able to find her place. The woman has been living in a dilapidated area belonging to the Avtoyul enterprise, which has been neglected and enslaved for thousands of years, for 9 years. She was left with two minor children last year after her husband died of a long illness.

B. Khamroeva took us to her apartment. Currently, he works in JSC “Dustlik Don Mahsulotlari” and earns a living.

She said she had applied in 2019 to buy one of the houses being built for needy families on a 20-year mortgage. In response, the district administration issued a statement stating that the regulations “On the procedure for providing affordable housing to women in difficult social situations, mothers with disabilities, low-income families, children from single-parent families and those in need of improved housing,” Due to the fact that the houses to be commissioned are occupied, it is explained that the houses to be built in 2020 will be included in the list of applicants.

The company she works for decides to pay the woman the initial cost of the house. In November 2019, JSCB “Qishloq Qurilish Bank” will receive 13,500,000 soums from JSC “Dustlik Don Mahsulotlari”.

However, according to the above-mentioned decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of April 12, 2018, the houses will not be built in 2020 in Dostlik district. Upon hearing this news, Bakhtigul Khamroeva was again disappointed.

The problem is that someone in the district does not tell B. Khamroeva that you can buy a house from such and such a place, that the house named after you is being built from such and such a place. “I had to go to different places because no one answered me,” he said.

It is true that you will be paid in advance for a house, but it is not clear to him where the house will be built. Given Bakhtigul’s living conditions, she is naturally worried.

Officials of the district administration visited the Industrialists’ mahalla where B. Khamroeva lives. Gulbahor Kholmuradova, head of the mahalla and family support department, said she was familiar with Khamroeva’s living conditions.

“On May 22 of this year, I came with a statement approved by the district governor. According to him, from the district of Friendship 7 people Cheap houses will be provided to needy mothers in difficult situations. The initial cost of affordable housing is paid by the Republican Fund for Mahalla and Family Support. This document was signed by all members of the selection committee, ”G. Kholmurodova said.

Bahrom Boykulov, the deputy mayor of the Dostlik district, confirmed that no affordable housing is being built in the district this year. For this reason, the seven needy women included in the above-mentioned statement are planned to be deprived of affordable housing under construction in Jizzakh.

This statement was made by Bakhtigul Khamroeva. Although Dostlik moved out of the district, he agreed to have his own house.

“If necessary, we can find work in Jizzakh,” said Gulbahor Kholmuradova, the head of the mahalla and family support department.

With that, we could say, of course, that the problem was solved. However, the statement presented to us by G. Kholmurodova is a recommendation to the regional working group. According to Gulbahor Kholmuradova, six families are recommended in the document, although Bakhtigul Khamroeva’s name is also mentioned in the document.

Let’s see if this statement will solve the problem …

Isomiddin Pulatov, correspondent.
Photos by Jahongir Aliboev.



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