Correspondents of “Present Time” TV channel detained in Minsk

At the Minsk Hotel in the capital of Belarus, the staff correspondents of the Present Time TV channel were detained – Irina Romaliyskaya, Yuri Baranyuk and Ivan Grebenyuk. According to reports, they are being taken to the Moscow District Department of Internal Affairs of the city. The reason for the arrest at this moment is unknown.

Romaliyskaya and Grebenyuk are citizens of Ukraine, Baranyuk is a citizen of Russia. The phones of the three detainees and of Nastownoye Vremya’s own correspondent in Belarus, Roman Vasyukovich, are currently unavailable.

“Present Time” has been covering the elections in Belarus for several weeks and on the eve held a four-hour special broadcast from the disrupted rally of the presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Only in social networks it has been viewed more than half a million times.

Irina Romalijskaya is the host of the Evening program, the main news program of Present Time. Ivan Grebenyuk is a Ukrainian journalist working for Present Time in Prague. Yuri Baranyuk is a present time correspondent in St. Petersburg. Present Time is a television channel created by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty with the participation of Voice of America.

  • The presidential elections in Belarus are scheduled for August 9. The authorities have arrested two opponents of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, who were going to participate in the elections – the banker Viktor Babariko and the popular blogger in Belarus Sergei Tikhanovsky. Another opposition candidate, businessman Valery Tsepkalo, was denied registration by the CEC. He left the country for fear of persecution.
  • After Tikhanovsky’s arrest, his wife Svetlana decided to participate in the elections. The CEC registered her. The headquarters of other unregistered opposition candidates have united around Tikhanovskaya.
  • The election campaign is taking place against the backdrop of mass protests against Lukashenko, who is being elected for the sixth term in a row, as well as detentions, including of journalists.



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