Basta blew up Humo Arena at his concert – photo

On February 28, a big concert of the famous rapper Basta took place at Humo Arena. How it all happened, see our photo report.

Since the end of last year, there has been talk that the famous Russian rapper Basta will give a big concert at the Humo Arena Ice Palace.

The long-awaited concert this winter has finally taken place. The hall of the complex was gradually filled with spectators, everyone took their places. In anticipation, the artist’s fans periodically called him in chorus to finally see their favorite idol on stage.

From behind the curtain came the voice of the presenter, who announced the imminent exit of the rapper. And now, the hall explodes with shouts, Basta came on stage in a red sports windbreaker and a black baseball cap – modestly, without unnecessary pathos. By the way, the stage itself was as modest as possible, without unnecessary decorations, only with bright spotlights.

This is how he appeared before his fans. The concert began with the song “I look at the sky”.

The audience immediately picked up and sang with him in unison.

Basta did not forget to communicate with the audience, joked, praised our capital and, of course, our main dish – pilaf. The artist was also worried about “no one dozing off at the concert”, periodically encouraging not very active spectators. But in general, those who came to the concert came off in full – the fan zone, the dance floor, even those who were in the seats could not resist dancing!

Basta performed his most famous hits, such as “Mama”, “The Master and Margarita”, “Universe”, “California”, “The sun is not visible”, “My game”. But especially the audience was waiting for two beloved compositions “Graduation” and “Samsara”.

Before the performance of “Samsara”, the rapper asked everyone present to turn on the flashlights on their phones – the hall lit up with thousands of lights! The audience seemed to be in the middle of the starry sky and dissolved in the magical atmosphere of this composition!

The last artist sang the song “Graduation”, dedicating it to schoolchildren. And then, after saying goodbye as modestly as his greeting, the artist left the stage to applause.

And we, in turn, prepared a photo report from this unforgettable concert. Find yourself in our pictures, share with your friends.


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