Second wave of coronavirus rises in the United States

All Americans want to see the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic underground.


The joy of real estate agents is boundless. This is because in the past, sales of underground bunkers for rare fans of the “doomsday theory” have now increased fourfold. Now wealthy families can buy underground houses and hide from the coronavirus. trying.

The standard bunker has everything you need for life – from underground pools to classrooms. But now the market for houses with its own “yard” is booming, because there is no need to go to the store. As a result, more underground houses with a ready-made aquaponic laboratory are being sold, which allows plants to grow without soil.

“A bunker is not like a basement in the yard. If it were located on the ground, it would be a 15-storey building. For example, it is the second highest-rise building in Wichita, ”said Larry Hall, owner of Survival Condo Projects.

Experts attribute the increase in demand for bunkers to the panic of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, underground companies are making contracts with customers – discounts have been canceled, there is no payment in installments, the payment is only in cash, there is no bankruptcy – whoever pays for the first payment.

Confidence in the bunker industry has skyrocketed. The stereotype that “those who want to avoid the Day of Judgment will wear military uniforms” has disappeared. Now professional doctors, lawyers and billionaire entrepreneurs are interested in bunkers, ”said Hall.



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