“We will win in terms of volume, but we will teach the method of working independently” – the Minister on distance learning

Inomjon Majidov answered a question about the quality of distance education at a press conference dedicated to the admission process for the new academic year.

On August 8, AOCA held a press conference on the preparation and entrance exams for the 2020-2021 academic year.

During the press conference, the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Inomjon Majidov, said that during the school year, classes were organized online for some time, but students were not satisfied with the quality of this form of education, so there are problems with quality in the new school year.

According to the Minister, in the new school year, attention will be paid to improving the quality of online education, but in this process, if both the teacher and the student do not work independently, the results will not be expected.

“Two or three months ago, it was said that we had to be prepared for different scenarios of a pandemic,” he said. At that time, we had no plans to start the new school year online, and we thought that everything would be traditional, but we started preparing. In distance learning there is an online complex for each subject – video, questions and answers, cases and more.

When can we provide full-time distance learning? If we can train teachers to teach in this format. We are doing this. Courses have been set both in the form of self-improvement and in the form of compulsory training.

The student must also want to study. In distance education, if both the teacher and the student do not work independently, there will be no results.

Distance education requires twice as much work on the part of the student. The teacher’s task is to show him the methodology and trajectory. In the new academic year, 35 higher education institutions will be transferred to the credit-module system. It is also based on independent work. The development of independent work skills gives the future specialist great competence, he learns to take independent steps and find solutions. In distance education, we lose the amount of knowledge, but we teach independent learning methods, ”said Inomjon Majidov, correspondent.

During the press conference, the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education also clarified when the competitions for presidential and other scholarships will be held.

“Presidential scholarship competitions are always held in September. At the moment, we plan to spend it remotely. The proceedings will be held in the form of video conferencing. At the same time, we will ensure the online participation of not only the commission and the candidate in the process, but also others for transparency, ”said Majidov.



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