The leader of “Taliban” banned the cultivation of hemp in Afghanistan


Courts were instructed to “punish criminals according to Sharia law.”

Photo: AP

The leader of the “Taliban” movement in Afghanistan, Haibatullah Akhundzo, banned the cultivation of hemp (cannabis) throughout the country. Zabiullah Mujahid, the official representative of the ruling regime, announced this on the social network. The Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021.

According to the decree of the leader of “Taliban”, “the cultivation of hemp is strictly prohibited throughout the country, after that no one can plant hemp on his land, and if anyone plants hemp on his land, it will be destroyed.” About this Dariwa wrote.

The leader of the “Taliban” also instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and investigative bodies to bring criminals to justice, and the courts to “punish them according to Sharia law.”

The document enters into force from the date of approval and is published in the official gazette.

In December 2022, the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan announced a ban on poppy cultivation throughout the country. Opium is obtained from the unripe pods of the poppy – a condensed milky juice, from which morphine and codeine are separated.

Afghanistan is one of the largest producers of opium and the largest producer of cannabis in the world. There are no reliable data on the volume of cannabis production in the country.



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