How is Margilon “brandy” screen bread made?


Bread is baked in its own way in each region. In the city of Margylan, Shirmoy bread has gained a name as a national “brand”. Interestingly, it takes more than 24 hours for the dough to become a ready-made loaf, making sourdough bread a complicated process. In particular, only one dough is ready in 24 hours.

In one of the houses on Bozortagi street, Chorchinor district, Margilon city, dairy baker Anvarjon Kasimov has been baking dairy bread for almost 55 years. The closure of Margilon “brand” will start early in the morning…

“I like simplicity by nature. That’s probably why my bakery is not overly decorated. I was an apprentice in Shirmaypazlik neighborhood in the center of Margilan city and learned baking there. Shirmoy bread is made from special yeast. No chemicals are added to the composition.

Tortchak milk bread is made only in the city of Margilon, and the product is a cure for diabetes. The yeast in sourdough bread is ready in 24 hours. This bread is a miracle. Only labor is required to prepare it.

People with diabetes are taking away the bread. Interestingly, for those who have ordered, we do not intentionally break the bread even after it is baked. After a day, the bread in the oven starts to fall by itself. When this bread is eaten, it tastes like sugar. Although we do not add sugar to the dough, it gives a natural sweet taste. They are taking him to Tashkent and Ko’kan…


Fennel, dried peas and flour are added to the dough. Peas are crushed. Dill is boiled in a copper pot for 40 minutes. After that, crushed peas are put in a copper pot. In 24 hours, the yeast will be ready like ice cream. The process of making yeast is very complicated. Shirmoy bread dough likes cleanliness.

In 1969, I learned how to make sourdough bread. I retired from government work. Still, I’m always on the move. When I was young, I used to make 50 kg of bread a day. Now this number has decreased to 25 kg.

104-108 loaves of sourdough bread will be made from 25 kg of flour. My husband buys it at the market. The price is 4,000 soums. In the holy month of Ramadan, we prepare shirmayi breads for iftar. In the city of Margilan, 5 people are engaged in making shirmoy bread.

Shirmoy has to give up sleep to make bread. There is almost no sleep. If the movement starts at 23:00 the day before closing, we will take it to the market at 06:00, 07:00 the next day. Our black cauldron is boiling behind this profession. I married two sons, gave birth to my daughter, and celebrated my grandchildren’s weddings. We work as a family in making sourdough bread,” says Anvarjon Kasimov, a baker of sourdough bread.

Sarvar Ziyaev
Abdusalim Abduvahidov.



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