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The death of the queen has strengthened the independence ideas in the former colonies

When Indigenous Australian MP Lydia Thorpe was sworn in last month, she raised her fist over her head in protest and called Queen Elizabeth II a “colonial queen”. called.

«It was like kneeling before a murderer,” the Greens senator told Reuters this week. I had to swear allegiance to a colonial power that had done so much harm to our people”, – deydi u.

Queen Elizabeth’s death has prompted indigenous peoples from Canada to Australia and former colonies in the Caribbean to speak out about their pain and marginalization. Some countries have called for the removal of the monarchy as head of state.

King Charles’ accession to the throne took place during a period of anti-colonialism, with growing awareness of historical atrocities and awareness of indigenous cultures.

«There is a growing public awareness of the injustice and exploitation of indigenous peoples around the world in the name of their nation.“, says Professor Weldon Coburn of the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Australia is moving towards giving indigenous peoples a formal voice in parliament on indigenous issues, but Thorpe has criticized the government’s decision to hold a day of mourning for the Queen as oppression of indigenous Australians.

Barbados’ decision to remove the Queen as head of state in November 2021 was seen as a show of support for republicans and echoed in other Caribbean nations such as Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Polls in Australia, New Zealand and Canada show growing support for severing ties with the monarchy after the Queen’s death, but in countries like Canada, the move is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In New Zealand, indigenous Maori make up about 17 percent of the country’s 5 million people.

Maori Party co-leader Debbie Ngareva-Packer said:No one, be it a king or a queen, a princess or a prince, can fail to realize the damage that colonialism has done to indigenous peoples like us.“, said.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said she expects New Zealand to eventually become a republic, but not anytime soon.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, an avowedly pro-republican centre-left Labor leader, ordered the same. But any changes would require a referendum and are expected only if the government wins a second term.

In Canada, according to polls, about half of the population believes that the country should end its ties with the monarchy after the death of Queen Elizabeth. Indigenous peoples make up less than 5% of Canada’s approximately 38 million people and suffer from higher rates of poverty, unemployment and life expectancy than other Canadians.

But experts say it will be difficult to remove the monarchy from the Canadian constitution.


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