About the condition of singer Zahid Riskiyev “Connected to artificial respiration”


About the condition of singer Zahid Riskiyev:
Yesterday, it was reported that a BMW car driven by Zahid Risqiyev, the former singer of the “Oman” group, had an accident in front of the Mega Planet shopping center in the Yunusabad district of Tashkent.

According to SSV, two patients injured in a car accident in Yunusabad are being treated in the intensive care unit, and another is being treated at home.

«The driver of the car, who was brought to the treatment facility in our capital, told ZR: “Open injury of the brain. Brain lat eating. Crushed injury of the top of the head. Left shoulder area soft tissues lat eating. Coma 1-2 degree” was diagnosed.

Primary surgical treatment was given to the wound on the patient’s head by the medical staff. Anesthetized and connected to IVL apparatus. The head part has undergone all necessary inspections, such as MSKT, and internal parts have been tested.

Currently, ZR is in the intensive care unit. Connected to a ventilator. He is receiving all appropriate medical treatment.

Also, “Open injury of the brain. Brain lat eating. Crushed injury of the top of the head. The passenger JY, who was diagnosed with chest pain, is also receiving necessary treatment in the intensive care unit. His condition is moderate. In Khushi.

“Closed brain injury” in patient JI. Concussion. Crushed and torn wounds of the upper eyelid on the left side, under the jaw and the neck area of ​​the right side were found.

After he was given appropriate medical care and necessary procedures, he was sent home for outpatient treatment as his condition was satisfactory.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has taken over the health of patients. “Leading medical specialists have been involved in the treatment process,” SSV reports.

As a result of this accident, XS, born in 1994, died on the spot.



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