Bilateral command-staff military game was held in Nukus (photo)


At Nukus Garrison, a multi-level dual command-and-staff military game will be held with the management apparatus of the command of the troops of the North-West Military District, the commanders of the military units and the heads of institutions, and representatives of the joint forces. tdi The press service of the district informed “Daryo” about this.

To train the officials of the military management bodies to carry out tasks while bringing them to high levels of combat readiness, to control the skills of the officers on the management of troops during the preparation and conduct of military operations, to achieve coordination of actions in the work of the management bodies, o This military game, which combines the goals of mutual assistance and mutual exchange relations, was organized in four stages.

Military games of defense and attack, which served to improve the professional skills of all ranks of officers, to raise high moral and spiritual qualities and fighting spirit, to teach the secrets of operational art and to form the ability to think strategically. and preparations were made for military operations in the areas assigned to the parties.

During the command-and-staff military game, in which two opposing sides conditionally fight on maps, best practices obtained based on the analysis of modern armed conflicts and military operations, possible non-standard situations and opposing forces possible actions were used in every way.

It was checked that the students who received conditional combat tasks made informed decisions based on the correct assessment of the situation, their description of possible modern battles and armed conflicts, and their compliance with the current combat regulations.

Each unit commander is responsible for the skillful use of troop types and special forces, the correct use of the means of damage, the movement of troops and the gains and losses achieved in the battle, placed during the day. daily reports on the performance and efficiency of the tasks, the morale-spiritual condition of the personnel during their execution, the level of organization and performance, and the level of military discipline were heard.

Activities of the heads of staffs, troop type, special troops and service type on the effective organization of combat actions and comprehensive support of troops in the command-staff military game, combat-service documents developed by the participants was checked. The movement of technical and front-line supply bodies, subordinate units, military units and units, and the ability of the troops to overcome possible disruptions in supply issues were tested.

Based on the decisions taken by the commander of each division based on the situation and the combat orders and orders given to the divisions, work procedures, developed basic planning, directives and reporting documents were analyzed by the training management.

Based on the results of the analysis, the management bodies and unit commanders who participated in the military game were evaluated on the art of fighting, the ability to manage units and perform assigned tasks, and the knowledge of the strategic use of troops.

Taking into account the importance of this command-staff military game and its contribution to increasing the skills of developing operational and tactical calculations in battle planning, it was finally decided to conduct such training again.




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