Russia launched a program to find suppliers in China


Russia launched a program to find suppliers in China, reports “Moscow’s comsomolets” with reference to the Chairman of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Vitai Mankevia, who spoke at an event to support Russian business, organized by the Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development.

Mankevich noted that the need to launch the program is due to the fact that a significant part of Russian business, mainly representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, after the deterioration of relations with the West, simultaneously lost both suppliers and sales markets. After the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, about 300 Western companies left Russia.

“RASPP has launched a program to find suppliers in China and Asian countries. Participating companies will be helped to buy goods from China, bring them and clear them, and partner banks will provide payments,” he said.

According to him, the program makes it possible to find suppliers alternative to Western ones, as well as organize parallel imports. Mankiewicz said that the program mainly concerns the replacement of falling import volumes in such segments as industrial equipment, chemical raw materials, components, including spare parts for special equipment, and semiconductor products. In addition to search, the program provides assistance to Russian businesses in organizing logistics.

Mankiewicz noted that the program will also allow Chinese companies to quickly and successfully enter the Russian market in those segments that have lost suppliers from the West. According to him, large niches have now formed for Chinese companies in such segments as motor vehicles and special equipment, the food industry, restaurant and hotel business, clothing, alcohol, cigarettes, and cosmetics.

“Flagships of world business in energy, communications, construction, delivery and cargo transportation, pharmaceuticals have left Russia. The arrival of Chinese companies will be successful in all these areas,” he said.

In March, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui urged Chinese business leaders not to waste time and “fill the void” in the Russian market after the withdrawal of Western companies.



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