Residents are unhappy with the low quality and high prices of school uniforms

At the fair-sale of school uniforms in the Corvon market, where our correspondent went, buyers talked about low quality and its high price. Residents of the capital said that the uniforms provided by the school are of very poor quality.

A resident of the capital, who chose not to give her name, says: “Last year we were forced to buy a uniform school uniform, the price of which is several times higher than the market price, and I have no opportunity to buy a uniform uniform for all 4 children. It is more profitable for us to buy on the market, at the fair we can buy all the necessary things at once, down to such trifles as pens, pencils, notebooks and so on ”.

From 6 to 31 August this year, fairs of school clothes and supplies were organized in four districts of the capital. Such fairs are located next to Istiklol LLC (Mehrgon market) Ismoili Somoni district, Khovaron LLC, Valamatzade street 8, Shohmansur district, Korvon LLC, Korvon plus, Korvonshahr shopping center, next to the shopping center “Ganchina”, “Panjshir”, a specialized store of LLC “II Nassochii Tojik” (Tachik-textiles) of the Ferdowsi district and the shopping center “Safo” of the Sino district.

In Tajikistan, the number of students in secondary schools is 1 million 900 thousand. For 5 months of this year, 53 enterprises produced only a little more than 400 thousand school uniforms, the quality of which many parents are not satisfied with. For more information, and the opinion of the townspeople on this matter, see the video.


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