Strange statistics are the terms given to Shomurodov


Strange statistics: The terms surrendered to Shomurodov!
Although Eldor Shomurodov’s career in “Roma” is not going as expected by all fans and the striker himself, his performance in the national team of Uzbekistan is not inferior to that of Lionel Messi.

It was recorded that Eldor Shomurodov and Lionel Messi scored ten goals each in the national team they lead in 2022. In this regard, both strikers are world leaders is doing. They are followed by strikers such as Erling Holland and Vincent Abubakar.

The national team of Uzbekistan recently met with the participants of the world championship, Cameroon and Costa Rica, in an international friendly match, and in these matches, the striker of “Roma” scored one goal and one assist.

In other words, Costa Rica joined the national team where Eldor Shomurodov scored.

The portal found it necessary to bring to your attention the statistics of which countries’ national teams have scored goals of our most famous football player today.

So, according to, a portal specializing in transfers, Eldor Shomurodov scored 31 goals in 57 matches for the national team of Uzbekistan.

More than half of the goals, ie 16, were scored in 28 friendly matches. Eldor took part in 22 World Cup qualifiers, scored eight goals, scored four goals in four matches at the 2019 Asian Cup, and scored a masterful goal in three matches at the continental championship qualifiers.

It is significant that Eldor Shomurodov was able to find a way to the gates of representatives of almost all continents among the national teams that faced the national team of Uzbekistan.

In particular, our skilled scorer scored one each for Bahrain, Canada, Iraq, Oman, Japan, China, Yemen, Iran, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica, two each for Palestine, Turkmenistan, Syria, Georgia, and South Sudan. He managed to score three goals against the national teams of Singapore, Uganda and Maldives.

In the matches where our 27-year-old striker wrote his name, our national team recorded fourteen victories, one draw and six defeats. Another noteworthy aspect is that our players Eldor scored a goal but conceded only one goal in the matches they lost.

Eldor Shomurodov needs to score four more times to become the best scorer in the history of the national team of Uzbekistan. Maksim Shatskikh, who has been the record holder for many years, has found a way to the goal of the rival national teams a total of 34 times during his career at the international level.

Taking into account that the “Roma” player is in full force and his career in the national team of Uzbekistan continues rapidly, we can hope that Maxim Shatskikh’s record will be renewed soon.



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