Bolton: Trump should push to bring down Iran’s government

War-mongering former US National Security Adviser John Bolton has slammed President Donald Trump for taking “too soft an approach” on Iran, saying that his administration should bring down the Islamic Republic.

In September last year, Trump fired Bolton, saying he has “disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.” Trump was reportedly unhappy with Bolton who had adopted an aggressive approach towards Iran.

Independent observers had accused Bolton of conniving with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to provoke a military conflict between Iran and the United States.

Bolton had also opposed Trump’s peace initiative towards North Korea and urged the president to pursue gunboat diplomacy against the East Asian country.

Bolton disappeared following his disgraceful exit in September but has repapered recently to publicize his book about his time in the administration: “The Room Where it Happened.”

Bolton — a foreign policy hawk who was influential in President George W. Bush’s interventionist administration – said in a recent interview that Trump should implement regime change in Tehran.

“I think one of the things that we should look for in Iran is the overthrow of the regime,” Bolton said. “I think that one way that happens is if the regular military and the Revolutionary Guard fragments.”

“So this could exacerbate the instability that already exists in Iran where I think the regime is very unpopular. And I think it should be US policy to overthrow the Ayatollahs and restore the government to the people of Iran,” he continued.

Bolton said he does not think that Trump really wants regime change in Tehran. “I think that’s been one of the problems.”

The war hawk said that he backed the US assassination of prominent Iranian commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in January, and Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, but added this is not enough.

Ever since quitting the nuclear deal in May 2018, Trump has been running what he refers to as a “maximum pressure” campaign, which seeks to pressure Iran into negotiating a new deal that addresses its ballistic missile program and regional influence.

After imposing several rounds of sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports, Washington has also sent warships and bombers to the Persian Gulf to counter what it calls Iran’s threat for shipping in the Persian Gulf.

It is currently ramping up efforts to kill the JCPOA completely through pushing the remaining parties to the multilateral agreement to extend a UN arms embargo on Tehran.

Bolton the chickenhawk continues to advocate war with Iran: Myles Hoenig

Commenting on Bolton’s remarks, American analyst Myles Hoenig said, “Bolton’s book must not be selling well if he feels a need to prop it up a bit by talking about how weak Trump is regarding Iran. Nobody in Washington beats out Bolton for his desire to go to war at the drop of a hat. He is called the hawk’s hawk. That’s usually the case for chickenhawks, people who avoid military service or combat service yet make their reputation as supporters of war. With a low draft number of 185, he chose to join the Maryland National Guard, which was even an easier way to escape combat in Vietnam than joining the Reserves.”

“There hasn’t been a war Bolton didn’t support or a war he didn’t encourage. He had been a strong supporter of the Iraq war, opposed Bush’s rapprochement with Libya, supports preemptive strikes against N. Korea and Iran, supported the Iranian terrorist group the People’s Mujahadin of Iran, (designated as such by the State Department), and a long supporter of Israeli war crimes, even to go so far as advocate banning judges and prosecutors from the International Criminal Court from entering the US if it charges Israel with crimes under its jurisdiction,” added Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress.

“Preceding Trump’s America First policy, he was a strong supporter of unilateralism rather than multilateralism, believing American Exceptional in foreign policy. He has long opposed global cooperation, even as the US ambassador to the UN.  Bolton claims he supports people’s self-determination, and that Trump is not allowing the people of Iran to rise up against their government by not supporting ‘regime change’. Yet his history is one of supporting the American brand of government abroad, regardless of what the people want in those countries,” he noted.

“People like Bolton will never go away. He may be known as a hawk’s hawk, but they permeate both parties’ administrations. Obama had Susan Rice, a staunch advocate for American exceptionalism abroad, again, simply code for supporting wars,” he concluded.


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