Bolton and his obsession with Iran war must take backseat

Former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton

By Walt Peretto

Former US presidential advisor John Bolton has resurfaced by lambasting President Trump for not commencing an all out invasion of Iran to achieve regime change in Tehran. This at a time when Bolton is promoting his new book about his time in the Trump administration as National Security Advisor.

Bolton is a staunch warhawk who urged Trump to start a war with Iran on behalf of Israel and the one world government globalists they both work for. Trump relieved Bolton of his position stating disagreements in how to proceed with Iran. I’m going to assume that Trump’s military advisors warned of grave consequences if such an attack was commenced plus a major war would be too much of a distraction during the 2020 COVID operation designed to instill fear in the population and set the world up for mandatory injections.

Bolton has been the main proponent in the United States for war with Iran. And this prospect is not permanently going away anytime soon. Israel and the globalists want control of Iran in the worst way and Iran is considered a key building block in the construction of the one world government tyranny they pathologically covet. For now the COVID operation is the priority — it’s cleaner, cheaper, and arguably more effective at this time for establishing their one world government.

In the meantime, Bolton has a book to promote while the common people of the world are quarantined at home awaiting further instructions from the globalist tyrants and their puppet politicians like Trump.

So in the short term Bolton may make a few bucks while the COVID operation slides into the next phases. At some point in the future Iran will again be in the crosshairs once the COVID operation reaches a certain level of accomplishment like implementation of mass injections and identification markers for the human livestock.

These injections and ID markers will most assuredly be tied with people’s ability to travel, shop, work, go to school, and have a bank account. While these operations now take priority—Bolton and his obsession with war must take a backseat.

Walt Peretto is a writer and researcher in Washington, DC. He recorded this article for Press TV website.


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