Lane “Uryuchny” and the fountain “Dandelion”: Walking along Leninabad of the 80s

17:00, today

Let’s walk around Soviet Leninabad, see what it was like decades ago. Let’s see the pictures of the 70s-80s of the last century – live and speaking.

The history of Khujand goes back to antiquity; it is a city that is twenty-five centuries old. Alexandria, Eskhata, Khujand, Leninabad, Khujand – a city that has always been the crossroads of major transit routes in Central Asia.

The so-called “Great Silk Road” passed through it, linking Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt with China, Persia and India. Silk products, jewelry made by Khujand masters were known even outside the countries of the East.

During the years of Soviet power, Khujand (Leninabad) not only turned into one of the most important scientific, cultural and industrial centers of Tajikistan, but also became the second city in the republic in terms of population.

May Day demonstration


Despite all the architectural upheavals of modern times taking place in the republic, the landscape of the historical center of the city and its history have been preserved in Khujand.

Today Khujand continues to improve, build and improve, preserving urban traditions and the old city.

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